Impress with some Valentines Lingerie !

Choosing the Right Lingerie for Valentines Day

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Lingerie - The Perfect Gift

Valentines Day is that special day of the year when you can treat your special someone with a gift from the heart, and there is no better gift that comes with the gift of love but the gift of sensual Lingerie.

Why Choose Lingerie?

On that one special day of the year there need only be one person on your mind, and that is your Valentine. Most of the time the man is the one courting his Valentine and showering her with gifts of love.

Now if you have progressed your relationship with your partner to a point where you are intimate, then, without a doubt, Lingerie is one gift that can make your Valentine's night one to remember.

A Thoughtful, Sensual gift of love can come in the form of a Cute Babydoll Outfit or even a Seductive Chemise, but one thing is for sure, your Valentine will know they are loved.

Remember when considering Lingerie for your special someone, make sure you have an idea of how "Sensual" they like to be and purchase Lingerie that enhances their body type.

Next Step - How to Choose Lingerie?

How to Choose Lingerie?

Ok! so you have decided that you want to take the next step and find the perfect Lingerie for your Special Night! Where do you Start?

There are many different types of Lingerie on the market and many different styles that can get you into - or out - of Trouble, depending on your preference. If you are new to purchasing Lingerie, then you should lean more towards a traditional piece that will make you and your partner feel comfortable.

Your main options in the Sensual Lingerie Range are;

  • Babydoll
  • Chemises
  • Bustier
  • Corset
  • Teddy
  • Themed Lingerie
  • Valentines Day Lingerie Options

    Babydoll Lingerie

    The Babydoll is an excellent starting point if you have not purchased Lingerie before.

    Often the Babydoll is short, sitting on the upper thigh and often sleeveless. This is a loose fitting nightwear intended for a comfortable sleep or, for the frisky, easy access play time.

    The Babydoll sometimes has formed cups called a bralette to enhance the cleavage and the attached loose fitting skirt falls between the upper thigh and the belly button.

    For that added sense of sexuality the Babydoll is often trimmed with lace, ruffles, appliques, marabou fur, bows and ribbons, optionally with spaghetti straps. Sometimes it is made of sheer or translucent fabric like nylon or chiffon or silk

    The image here is of the 2010 Hustler Range and makes the wearer feel like they are wearing nothing at all! The Alluring lace detail highlights the bust and hem, with the sensual mesh hugging every curve.

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    Chemise Lingerie

    The Chemise is very similar to the Babydoll, and is often sold as such, however the modern version of a Chemise is that it vaguely resembles a shirt but, as can be expected, is generally more delicate, and usually more seductive.

    Often the Chemise is made of the same materials as the Babydoll with a soft mesh giving the wearer a very sensual feel. The style you see here has a delicate lace v-neck, criss-crossed with the Hustler logo ribbon.

    The Chemise will generally come in a One Size option, however if needed you may like to consider the Plus Size option as you want to make sure that your partner is extremely comfortable, Remember Valentines Day is all about how you make her feel and she needs to be as comfortable as possible.

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    Bustier Lingerie

    The Bustier is very similar to a traditional corset, with the very purpose of pushing up and accentuating the wearers Bust, this is achieved by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up.

    The Bustier pictured here is a Black lace over the top of a seductive pink mesh under wire bustier and has pocket detail, providing the look of a maid, this piece also has a front hook and eye closure, stretch mesh back and matching lace thong.

    Bustiers often include adjustable and removable garters, sexy matching stockings, and other accessories as can be seen here with a maid’s hat and eyelet lace neckband.

    The Bustier can be a great entry level to role play games you may want to try out on Valentines Day, maybe you would like to be seduced by a French Maid, maybe a police office. Lingerie offers many alternatives for you to try out to see what excites you the most. Remember in the bedroom there are only two people who will know what goes on, so why not be adventurous and especially adventurous with some Valentines Lingerie.

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    Corset Lingerie

    The origins of the Corset are not as sexy as the use of the term is today.  Originally the corset was used for Medical purposes to hold the torso in shape, this was then later seen as aesthetically pleasing and Corsets were then used to purposefully shape the Torso.  Both men and women have been known to wear Corsets but Women are more inclined to wear them.

    Corsets are a very sexy piece of Lingerie as the idea of undoing a Corset with it's lace threading can be a very seductive form of foreplay.  Often they can take a little while to undo and this excites your man just that little bit more, or if you want to put on a show you can slowly undress in front of him and make it a very visually stimulating experience.

    Modern Corsets come in many styles, colors, shapes and designs and a Bridal Corset is very popular choice for your wedding night.

    When you are looking for your Valentines day Lingerie, make sure you consider a Corset as if you have not worn one before, then if can be a real treat.

    Pictured is a Satin jacquard corset that has lace trim, a removable shoulder and garter straps, hook and eye front and lace-up back.  Matching brocade trim neckband, thong and stockings are all included in this piece.

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